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6 Damaging Dietary Habits


dietary-habitsHere are the six significantly damaging dietary habits you may not realize you have got. See how each of these habits affects your body.

  1. Eating too much: Restaurant portions and pre-packaged servings have increased considerably in size during the last decade or so, so it is very easy to be overeating without thinking you are consuming any more than you have always done.
  2. Eating at strange times: Random eating habits or constant grazing are usually accompanied by a poor nutritional value of the food being consumed, simply because it is convenience rather than routine defining what you are eating. And too often that means processed snacks, junk food and cheese.
  3. Confusing the issues of nutritional health and weight loss: Too many men who aren’t noticeably porky assume they are eating well simply because they are not putting on weight. This isn’t necessarily the case and an increase in nutrition levels will considerably boost their feeling of general well-being and raise the immunity capabilities of their bodies.
  4. Substituting nutrition through food with supplements: Satisfying your nutritional needs through a balanced diet will always be much more beneficial than eating rubbish and popping vitamin pills. Good whole food affects you in all sorts of ways other than simply supplying, say, vitamin A or fiber, and it’s this holistic rather than targeted approach to nutrition the body needs to stay truly healthy.
  5. Believing what it says on the tin: Too much food sloganeering is relative rather than subjective. Simply announcing something as “a healthier option” is meaningless – healthier than what? A tub of lard? “30% fat free!” can also be interpreted as “70% fat”. Always read the whole of the label.
  6. Misunderstanding nutritional guidelines: There are so many conflicting eating plans and apparently scientific pieces of dietary advice out there, beyond basic guidelines such as can be found in this book, it will be impossible to find out what is precisely right for you without getting yourself checked out by a professional.

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