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  • on 22.03.2011
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  • by Jessy Troy

5 Steps To Keeping A Healthy Heart


One element of health that some people look over is what they can be doing in order to keep a health heart.  In a world where everyone wants to fit in a size 5, many often forget the true reason for making improvements in their diet and activity levels – to stay well throughout life.

If you take the following 5 sets to keeping a healthy heart, you’ll not only promote a healthier heart, but at the same time also help to achieve a healthy body weight as all will follow along with that goal as well.

Let’s take a quick look at the 5 steps to keeping a healthy heart that you should know about.

Make Activity Fun

Many people often avoid physical activity because they’re under the impression that it has to cause discomfort. Instead, start to view physical activity in a more positive light. Rather than forcing yourself into an activity you enjoy just because you heard it’s good for you, seek out activities that you really do take pleasure in.

Remember that any type of activity can promote a healthier heart if you do it regularly, so even if it’s going for a walk with your significant other after dinner – if you do it nightly, it will help.

When you put the enjoyment back into exercise again you’ll have a much easier time maintaining higher activity levels and this will really go a long way towards promoting a healthier heart.

Eat High-Fiber Foods

The second step to keeping a healthy heart is to make sure your diet is filled with high-fiber foods.  Getting in enough fiber is going to help to reduce your overall cholesterol levels and help to keep you satisfied so you don’t become overweight.

Carrying around excess weight will also become a burden on your heart so by including these in your meal plan, you can take care of that.

Reduce Your Stress Levels

Stress is another problem that can put your heart-health in jeopardy so if you’re currently leading a high-stress lifestyle, something else that you’ll want to be sure to take care.

Having high stress levels will cause excess strain to be placed on your body so your blood pressure goes up and your heart has to work harder.

Go Vegetarian Three Days A Week

Choosing to take a vegetarian approach to your diet a few days a week is also another of the 5 steps to keeping a healthy heart that you should consider.  This is going to help to reduce your intake of saturated fat, something that many animal products are high in, while also upping your intake of fresh fruits and vegetables.

Choose plenty of whole grains, legumes, chick peas, and lentils on these days, all of which are high in nutrients and will also help you meet your protein requirements.

Strength Train

Finally, make sure that you also add some strength training to the mix as well.  Strength training is going to enhance your circulation, build lean muscle mass, and help you better manage your weight, thus helping to keep your heart healthy.

If you can keep your rest periods shorter while strength training, this will also provide a great cardiovascular workout as well, further boosting the heart-health benefits this session provides.

So there you have the 5 steps to keeping a healthy heart that you should remember. If you can be sure to implement these into your program, you can feel confident you’re on track to success with both heart health and weight loss.

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