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5 Natural Products That Will Help You Lose Weight


You’ve heard it a million times – having the right diet and exercise routine will help you shed pounds. But did you know that there are also plenty of tools out there that can help speed up the process safely and naturally?

By taking advantage of the following 5 natural products, you can make your diet a little easier – and boost its chances for success:

1. Pinolenic Acid

A fatty acid that’s found in pine nut oil, Pinolenic Acid is a natural appetite suppressant. Pineolenic Acid makes your body create more satiety hormones. Those are the hormones that are responsible for making you feel full and satisfied after a big meal. The more satiety hormones you have floating around, the faster you will feel full – and the less you will have to eat.

2. Ginseng

Chances are, you’ve heard of this herb. Ginseng has been a staple in Chinese medicine for thousands of years.

Ginseng naturally boosts the efficiency of your digestive process, which, in turn, boosts your metabolism. That way, fat gets transformed into muscle, instead of being stored around your body as unsightly fat.

3. Cayenne Pepper

You may have just found a great reason to have a bowl of chili! Cayenne Pepper brings blood toxins to the surface, which makes it easy for them to be eliminated from your system. The fewer blood toxins you have in your body, the more energy you will have. And, the more energy you have, the easier it is to stick to that exercise routine!

But that’s not all Cayenne Pepper does. It also contains Capsaicin, which helps your body burn more calories when you’re out and about, moving around.

4. Green Tea

Whether you drink a mug everyday or take it in pill form, Green Tea activates an enzyme in your body that is responsible for dissolving fat and sugar in your system. The less fat and sugar you have floating around, the less you will weight.

Plus, Green Tea has been proven to stimulate your metabolism, so that you burn off food faster.

5. Soybean

When you eat soybean, it boosts the insulin sensitivity in your body, which makes your system more effective at metabolizing carbohydrates. The sooner you can burn off all those carbs, the less you will weigh.

Of course, you can’t just rely on these natural products alone. To see the most weight loss success, you will need to combine these natural products with a lower calorie intake.

Kirsty LaVier is editor for Pinolenic, a site dedicated to information about Pinolenic Acid.

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