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5 Lesser Known Communities That Can Help You with Your Exercise and Fitness Goals


Internet is becoming an integral part of our daily lives, especially the social networks. The big wigs like Facebook are witnessing a nonstop growth in their user base while the new ones continue to take the World Wide Web by storm. But with the growth, more and more people are seen voicing their disapproval for these networks. Reason? Because a vast majority of these networks hardly serve any real purposes, except allowing people to keep a tab on their friends and family members, or simply sharing random stuff with each other.

But that’s because most of these critics are not aware of the online communities made with a focus, for example the support groups and fitness communities focusing on people looking to lose some weight and stay fit. Once you become a part of these communities, you will be getting a lot of advice, motivation, and inspiration to break the shackles and reach your goals sooner than later. Following is a list of five communities buzzing with the fitness enthusiasts that will help you meet your weight loss targets.

The name has been derived from a Scandinavian chant (Heia, Heia) used in sports, and the origin of the name sums up the basic purpose of the website, which is to motivate its users to exercise and stay fit. The community has more than 350 activities with new activities being added on regular basis, and with users coming from more than 140 countries, the social network seems to be of great help and motivation for people looking to lose weight, stay fit and healthy. At this community, you will find all the motivation, cheers, groups, communities, and support that you were looking for.

Spark People:

Spark people is a free service that offers many premium features for its members, including (but not limited to) diet plans, smart phone apps, daily diary, and a thriving community. Once you join, you will be getting plenty of support, advice, and detailed plans to help you with weight loss. Having won many awards, the community has millions of users, who are making the most of the support and four staged diet plan (Fast Break, Healthy Diet Habits, Lifestyle Change, Spread the Spark) available at the portal.

Daily Mile:

Daily mile is like a twitter of people looking to share their workout accomplishments and achievements with their friends. It is all about tracking your workouts, with a number of Apps for iPhone like Jog Log, Kinetic, Electric Miles, or Walk meter, or for Android like Run Free, Track 2 Miles, or Run star. The community has all sorts of challenges, routes, Events, and Forums to keep you going.

Daily Burn:

Apart from the community, Daily Burn offers customized diet plans, customized fitness programs, professional trainers, affordable training, and workout videos, all at a small fee of $60 per year. Once you join, you will be getting customized diet and exercise plans according to your goals, strength and weaknesses, thanks to the IntelliBurn, a program that adjusts in accordance to the information you are submitting. Not only that, but you will be getting weekly challenges and recipes to keep you on the track.


At you can join and set your own goals, rest assured you will be getting lots of support and motivation from others having the same goals or ambitions. You can keep track of your progress, talk and seek advice from those who have “been there and done that”, befriend with people having the same ambitions, and you will be getting all that, at absolutely no cost involved.

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