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4 Ways To Convince Yourself To Exercise


Most of us are spending long hours sitting in front of a computer or watching TV programs. As a result, we are doing less physical activities and starting a regular fitness regimen seems to be an impossible goal. For sure many of us tried to fit in exercise in our daily schdule but it simply didn’t work out for some reasons. You hardly find one person who can make it through to their goal of staying fit and healthy.

As we all know, exercise is full of health benefits but the idea of staying on track is a challenge. If you are facing this challenge, then the below points may help you convince yourself to exercise.

Be a morning person. Losing weight or staying fit is an effort. It means you need to work out and sweat to achieve your desired fitness level. It will not happen if you are simply sitting in front of the TV though it will if you will run everyday for half an hour or go to the gym on regular basis.

So exert an effort to exercise regularly. The best way to do it is to exercise first thing in the morning because usually many things will come up after office and you will end up not doing your daily workout. Execuses like long meetings or inevitable last minute deadlines can happen and it will spoil your day’s plan. Unlike if you exercise in the morning before going to work, this task is already completed.

Change Your Frame of Mind. Oftentimes we do exercise for one particular reason – to lose weight, right? This is our motivation but sometimes it leads to burn out and eventually you give up. Then one day you will just find yourself that you are back again to your old unhealthy habits.

Why not try a new strategy? Change your mind setting. Go for the glow or the energized feeling which is the after effect of exercise. If you foresee that you will have a long and stressful day work, then start your day with exercise. Fuel your body with energy before being bombared with stress later in the day.

Dress up and Feel Sexy. Do not wait that you lose those extra pounds before donning your workout outfit. Dress up now and start feeling sexy. Gearing up with the proper workout clothes will help you stay motivated.

Find a Workout Buddy. Isn’t it more fun to run with a buddy than being alone? Having a partner in your exercise will rev up your motivation too. Of course, there are those occassional lazy days that you simply want to sulk in the sofa and watch TV but if you have a determined buddy, then you are left with no options but to get up and do the exercise routine with him. Somehow you are forced but still it is a good thing ebcause it helps you to stay track.

Now you do not have excuses to escape exercise.

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