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  • on 23.03.2010
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30 Ways to Include Exercise in Your Daily File


exercise dailyLife these days become so busy that it seems impossible for a person to spare some time for workout but ways described in the following list can help you a lot to include exercise in your daily life without much efforts and you can maintain your fitness automatically.

Everybody is familiar with the need of physical fitness and mental soundness. Basics of healthier lifestyle are to workout more and eat better. Although, it can be difficult to include health exercise into your daily life, especially for those who are stuck in a sitting job but still there are some tips for them to make their body more functional and movable during the whole day.

Luckily, you have many ways to include different activities in your daily life in order to reduce your weight or to remain fit. It will make you healthy and active.

1. Try to brush your teeth not just standing in front of the mirror. You can lift knees and mark time. Also try to tighten abdominal muscles while lifting knees.

2. Morning walk is recommended because of high quality oxygen available at that time in the atmosphere. Try to include it at least twice a week in your life.

3. Try not to bother your half to make breakfast for you, prepare it for yourself and try to put all the stuff back in the kitchen. That can improve your relationship as well.

4. If your office is not far away try to walk rather than using your car.

Instead of elevator you can use stairs.

5. If you are using car then you can get rid of some of your calories by parking your car farther away from your destination but don’t get late from your office by doing this.

6. Experts also suggest jaunting down and up the stairs or have a walk for some time in the office and do not be seated all the time.

7. For eyes it is recommended by the ergonomic experts that take of your eyes every hour or so from the computer screen.

8. Tensing and releasing the stomach and back muscles is also an excellent exercise.

9. Try to chat with your colleagues often while walking in the office. It not only increases your physical activities but also leave a good impression on your mates.

10. After lunch, spend the remaining lunch time in walking. You can take walk within your office building. This activity will help you in settling food.

11. When you come back from your office don’t restrict your life to only TV, try to socialize with your neighbors.

12. You can reduce some calories while gardening and housework.

13. When your family gets together try to plan an outdoor game instead of watching TV or board games. Try to arrange games like horseshoes, badminton or just kick a soccer ball around.

14. You can lift dumbbells or walk on treadmill while talking on phone with your girlfriend or wife when they are away from you, because in such case call must be long and you have much time for workout.

15. You can join your children for bicycle ride at weekends.

16. Workout when your children do. If you have to pick your child in the afternoon game practice, instead of talking with another partner or reading a book consider, walking or running around the perimeter till your child completes the practice.

17. Workout in front of the TV while watching your favorite program. You can walk instead of lying on couch or you can triceps dips off the edge of the coffee table during the commercials.

18. Try to wear casual clothing’s, it will provide an opportunity to your body to relax and movement of your body can be increased by it.

19. Take remote control and find out exercise TV channel, there are several and you can even chose. Don’t exercise too long, workout until you like it.

20. If your neighbors are fond of sports never fight with them because you can miss the opportunity to lose some calories while playing with them.

21. Try to spend a little time in your kitchen in cutting vegetables and helping your soul mate in cooking, this activity not only good for you relation but also for four body fitness.

22. If you have little babies then you can lift them and can play with them to burn your calories, it not only makes you slim but can also bring pleasure for you as well as your baby.

23. Availability of treadmill at home can increase the probabilities of doing more exercise daily. 3 minutes walk is more than 0. Don’t aim on long exercise, do as long you can and want.

24. Try to have a little walk after having a supper and plan your sleep time at least two hours after dinner.

25. Yoga is also an excellent exercise; you just need a piece of carpet and a quite room. 10 minutes of yoga can do miracles for your body and mind.

26. When weather is not good, go in a shopping mall and do window shopping. You can go further by trying clothes just for fun.

27. Giving a wash to your car at weekend can also help burning some of your extra calories.

28. Try to adopt a light hobby like painting or playing lawn tennis in your courtyard to bring your limbs into motion.

29. Drink lots of water and herbal tea – you will go to toilet more often and spend less time sitting. Don’t prepare a jug of tea, instead of this walk every time to the kitchen to prepare the next tea.

30. Take a pet and take care of it. Dogs need every day walk.

Try to remain physically active and involved in all the issues going on in the office as well as home. It will keep you busy physically as well as mentally occupied and you will never be bored from your life.

Rumiana Ilieva is author of exercises for women website, where women can find exercise videos, diet plans and cellulite treatment advices.

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