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  • on 27.09.2009
  • at 08:35 PM
  • by Jessy Troy

3-Steps Rhythmic Breathing Technique


Either when you are running or pedaling your treadmill or elliptical, your breathing technique is crucial for both your stamina and effective muscle training. Here’s one technique you may want to try: 3-3-step breathing runningsteps rhythmic breathing.

This means you breathe in rhythm with your stride every time you step timing your breaths to your foot strikes. You breathe in for three steps and breathe out for three steps: breathing in (one two three). Breathing out (one two three).

Here are some tips to follow the pattern:

  • Stick to short and shallow breaths;
  • Never break the rhythm: if you go uphill, do not slow your step. Instead, make smaller steps to keep the same number of foot strikes;
  • Maintain natural, not forced breathing;
  • Breathe from your belly or diaphragm, not your chest. This way you will also be stimulating your abdominal muscles.
  • Listen to how you breathe. If you hear yourself breathing too loudly, this may mean you are taking a too fast rate.

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