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  • on 19.05.2010
  • at 10:28 AM
  • by Jessy Troy

3 Reasons To Start Taking Protein Shakes


whey protein shakeAs you start working out and exercising more you will learn the importance of protein in your diet. Proteins help rebuild your muscles after strenuous use such as lifting weights, running or playing sports. Your body will need a daily supply of protein depending on your weight. This is where protein supplements and shakes come in. They help ensure you’re getting enough of what your body needs to function at its peak level.

1. They Give Your Body What It Needs

After any type of strenuous workout, your body will need a source of protein to recover. Many people do not have enough protein in their diets, especially those that do not eat meat. A protein shake can supply you with nearly half of the recommended daily intake of protein in one 8oz glass.

2. They Are Quick & Easy

The key to getting protein in your body after a workout is to take it within half an hour of working out. This is the time period in which your body absorbs the most protein. While it would be difficult to make a meal in under half an hour, a protein shake can be mixed in a few minutes. They are easy to stir into smoothies, juice or just a glass of water. Taking a protein shake will help ensure you get the protein you need quickly after a workout.

3. They Taste Great

There was a point where protein shakes were chalky and hard to drink. Nowadays they taste great. You will think you’re having a dessert with flavors like: chocolate, cookies and cream and strawberry. Even with all of those great flavors, many shakes are low in sugar and draw their sweetness from other natural sources.


Protein shakes are a great way to supplement your body with the extra protein it needs after exercising. The more muscle mass you have, the more protein you will need on a daily basis, so check with a specialist to find the ideal level for you.

Nick is a fitness nut who works for All Pro Sciecne, a company that makes all-natural protein shakes including their top seller which is a 100% grass fed whey protein.

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