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3 Quick Meals from around the World


One of my favourite things about traveling and going on holidays abroad is the food choices and the difference between foods abroad and your home country.

Geographically, the food is available in your country tends to define the recipes used in your traditional diet, with the import of foods from other countries we have seen ingredients that were once seasonal be available all year around which I suppose has enabled us to have varied diets during all seasons of the year we can have a salad a curry or good old sausage and mash with onion gravy.

I’ve visited many parts of the world on my travels and this may sound obvious but it needs to be said: food cooked in its country of origin tastes so much better than that repacked or made from a sauce, the exception to this is when you eat out at speciality restaurants, have a good recipe or have an understanding of the ingredients and methods behind the food. My travels have brought me closer to world foods and helped me to find foods Id have never considered eating before. When I am abroad I like to experience the culture and do as much as I possibly can, this means I tend to eat things that can be made quickly, waiting for food when your hungry is the worst feeling ever.

Some Countries and quick foods I recommend going to and trying out:

Italy is home to one of the world’s favourite dishes the Pizza. If you ever travel to Italy look out for a place to eat which has a traditional clay oven. The way they cook it adds a smoky flavour to the pizza, pizzas are normally created by hand and are thin, not deep pan and they cook so quickly. Don’t forget your favourite topping, I love the simple margarita with Italian herbs, simply divine.

Thailand, Pad Thai. Pad Thai is a less well known dish unless you live in South East Asia. It’s a stir fried dish containing rice noodles, bean sprouts, egg, fish sauce and some form of meat/tofu. The dish is a national treasure to the Thai people and is truly delicious, sadly it is one I have never mastered and had never eaten before my journey through Thailand last year, when in Thailand this dish is served everywhere and can be made in about 2 minutes from fresh with a range of interesting condiments, including peanuts, chilli and lime.

Cornwall, the Cornish pasty is a well-known pastry in the South West England and is surprisingly moreish. The Cornish pasty consists of root vegetables and mincemeat (more commonly now steak) seasoned with salt and pepper crimped in a crusty pastry. You have not tried a pasty unless it was from Cornwall, around the world there are many imitators that damage the good name of the Cornish pasty. Often these are found only in supermarkets, cafes and takeaways; it’s not common to have a pasty in a restaurant many of the restaurants in this part of the world specialise in seafood, so it is more of a lunchtime meal.

The three meals I have listed are very different from one another but are my favourite foods now. Are there any foods that you particularly enjoyed while you were traveling another country? Please share your experience with us by commenting below.

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