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  • on 17.03.2010
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3 Must-Know Health and Fitness Mantras


fitness mantrasThere may be more important things in this world than health, but without health, you cannot experience or enjoy any of them. Good health is a blessing that most of us don’t realize we should be thankful for; rather, we tend to adopt a callous attitude towards health most of the time and we abuse our body by eating the wrong food, leading a sedentary lifestyle, smoking and drinking, and keeping odd hours.

Good health and fitness are not that hard to achieve – in fact, all you need to know and remember are the below three mantras if you want to stay fit and healthy:

  • Losing weight is important; but what’s more important is keeping it off: Most people start to work out regularly and keep at it until they reach their weight loss goal. But the mistake they make is to stop once they’ve reached a certain weight or if they feel they look good enough. The problem with stopping is that you tend to put on all those pounds you worked so hard to lose. You forget your diet and you eat just as much as you did when you exercised regularly. But when you don’t expend an equal number of calories, you start to balloon up again. So while losing weight is important, it doesn’t matter unless you strive to keep it off. Don’t stop once you’ve reached your goal, don’t pig out, and instead, exercise as often as you can while on a moderate diet.
  • Moderation is the key: There are people who brag that they are fitness freaks who exercise three or more hours a day and live on nothing but carrot and celery sticks. While you may feel envious that you don’t have such self control, the best way to health and fitness is to adopt moderation. Exercise and diet must be a way of life rather than a one-time thing you give up after a while; it must be sustainable, something you can do for a long time, preferably for life. Exercise is not just for losing weight, it helps boost your health too. So adopt something that’s easy and that you would want to do on a daily basis for a long, long time.
  • Diet without exercise or vice versa does not help: While you may think that a diet alone or adherence to a strict workout routine will help you lose weight and stay healthy, in reality, it’s a sensible combination of the two that is best for your body. You cannot starve and expect to stay healthy, just as you cannot expect to work out madly and pig out on unhealthy food, and stay slim and fit. It’s also not wise to exercise too much and starve yourself – the key word to remember is SENSIBLE. You want to lose weight and get fit in a healthy way. So know your body, and act accordingly.

This guest post is contributed by Amy S. Cook, who writes on the topic of LVN to RN . Amy welcomes your comments at her email id: .

  • sudeep

    Moderation is the key … I like that mantra out of all … to be frank. Thanks for the nice article

  • sudeep

    Moderation is the key … I like that mantra out of all … to be frank. Thanks for the nice article

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