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  • on 28.02.2011
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10 Reasons You Need a Fitness Assessment


Are you wondering if need a fitness assessment? It all depends on how active or inactive you are in your life. Being fit is very important for our bodies because exercise helps the blood to flow in the body and helps to fight against illnesses and some diseases.

To know if you need a fitness assessment, see how many of these reasons apply to you. If you realize that you might need a fitness assessment, contact your doctor or physician to see what you need to do to get healthier and in shape.

(1) If you have had any muscle spasms lately, then your flexibility is weak. You may have tight or weak muscles that need to get stronger.

(2) Is your resting heart rate below 60? If so, your body is not working hard enough while at a resting state. It should be between 60 – 80 beats per minute.

(3) Do you have a history of diseases or illnesses? If so, that is even more reason to get a fitness test. If you are fit, then your body can help fight against some of these diseases or illnesses.

(4) Do you have good or bad eating habits? Bad eating habits can cause fat and high cholesterol and / or blood pressure.

(5) Have you had your body measurements taken recently? If not, you should. A fitness assessment will do this so that you can see how healthy your body is.

(6) Do you know your body composition? This tells you how much body fat and lean mass you have. It is very important to see if you have extra fat that can cause harm to your body.

(7) Have you tried to lose weight or get in shape, but haven’t succeeded? A fitness assessment will help you get motivated and achieve your goals. This is an important mental test.

(8) Have you experienced low back pain? If you have, then a postural assessment will be done. Good posture is important for our bodies and health.

(9) Do you know what your basal metabolic rate is? This rate tells you what your daily calorie intake should be based on your age, gender, weight and height.

(10) How ready are you for physical activity? If you are not sure, than a fitness assessment will do all of the above and let you know how physically fit or unfit your body.

And you? What are your fitness assessments?

Michelle Wagner writes for the elliptical machines blog, her personal blog that shares best home fitness practices and elliptical reviews.

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